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Publix Supermarkets has seen a giant leap in its growth and expansion since being found in the 1930s as a small market store to become one the most dominant employee-owned US supermarket.

Publix is known for their great customer service, fine selection of seafood, meats, and dairy to go along with their great supermarket prices!

As Florida as a whole continues to grow and attract more residents not only to West Palm Beach but all over Palm Beach County, Publix Supermarkets continue to expands in new neighborhoods all around South Florida.

Publix Near Me

Publix at CityPlace

The only downtown West Pam Beach supermarket, the Publix at City Place offers a whole range of grocery selections such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, as well as seafood, meats and a delicious bakery department. This Publix is known for great customer service as well as helpful Publix employees to help you with your grocery list.

Publix – Crosstown Plaza

The Crosstown Plaza Publix is a state-of-the-art grocery center equipped with exclusive amenities such as air-conditioning, a water fountain, automatic doors, long aisles, and fluorescent lighting. It’s an excellent, well-organized and richly-stocked supermarket offering upscale produce, prepared food and serves you with superior quality customer care as well as unbeatable prices.

Publix at Crosstown Plaza
2895 North Military Trl
(561) 687-0445

Publix – Paradise Place

This store gives shoppers the personal touch of a supermarket by banding together a slew of foods and beverages, groceries and pharmacy services. They also have a nutrition and health department; they pack every grocery money can buy.

Public at Paradise Place
4075 Haverhill Rd N
(561) 683-0412

Publix Supermarkets –  Polo Grounds Mall

At this Publix, you can try organic produce such as fruits and vegetables, gluten-free and special diets, diced and prepared vegetables, beverages, dairy products and everything but the kitchen sink.

Publix at Polo Ground Mall
926 S Military Trail
(561) 616-2563

Publix – Palm Beach Plaza

Visit this Publix for all manner of grocery, recipes, pharmacy and nutrition, clubs and programs and much more. The employees will give you full customer service.

Publix – Palm Beach Plaza
6820 Okeechobee Blvd
(561) 684-3015

Publix – Shoppes at Andros Isle

Go to this Publix grocery for spacious parking, unlimited food market shopping that includes departments for fresh snacks, sandwiches, and other healthy diets.

Publix at Andros Isle
8989 Okeechobee Blvd
(561) 792-2113

Publix Supermarket Shoppes at Ibis

A Publix Green-wise market, it packs organic-centered foods and drinks, Walmart-bearing rates and principled employees as well as shopping cart escalators to transit your groceries to the parking lot.

Publix at Ibis
10130 Northlake Blvd
(561) 799-6802

Publix Store Southdale Shopping Center

This Publix specialities includes health-friendly, mouth-watering cuisines, super-friendly customer service and a spacious parking garage.

Publix Supermarket at Southdale
828 Southern Blvd
(561) 832-1661

Publix –  Village Commons Shopping Center

You’ll relish in this Publix chain due to its friendly customer service, tasty foods and drinks, tempting offers “buy one, get one free,” and top-end organic foodstuffs.

Publix at Village Commons
831 Village Blvd
(561) 478-1313

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