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We Understand Local Marketing

Clematis Street’s local audience is large and highly social online.

Our ad products and marketing packages are created directly for our local and national brand partners who understand the value of “tapping” into a smart and savvy digital online audience in South Florida.

Advertisers desperately want to cut through the clutter to reach this online market because of its high disposable income and spending power, but they are finding it increasingly difficult to do so digitally or they’re not properly allocating the correct marketing budget to reach this massive “unicorn” audience.

The quantity, quality, and diversity of online marketing and advertising to this new mobile audience has created a such DIY generation that they are both
sophisticated and media literate.

On the one hand, they are aware of advertising spin and are able to tune it out; on the other hand, they are more focused on self and consumption than ever before.

They are both hard and easy to sell to at the same time.

Both digitally and traditionally.

Our target demographic is 25 to 55 years old. The unifying thread between such a diverse group is there love of music. They listen to it and go out to clubs, festivals, and parties, stream music online as well as making mobile payments via their SmartPhones. Our audience are the taste makers and opinion formers of West Palm Beach, who lead their peer groups both offline & online and are comfortable with technology and are early adopters of new trends and local businesses.

Fashion is also important to them. They are not just about consumption however, but also about lifestyle and experience. As far as they are concerned, many of the current social issues have been before their time, so our patrons can enjoy themselves, have fun and socialize. They are individuals but, at the same time, want to participate in the shared “real life” experience that integrates our love for of Music, Fashion, & Culture.

Our patrons are passionate, creative & sociable, with a strong sense of fun. Their optimism about the future is matched with a healthy dose of cynicism. They have a predominantly urban lifestyle and are well-educated. They travel the world and spend a high proportion of their income.

We know our audience because we are part of the demographic and have been involved in the (music) industry for almost a decade. We are our audience. This is a very tough market to reach if you come at it from the outside. To truly understand it, you need to be a part of it. You need to be able to understand the foibles of the niche before you have any credibility with it.

2018 AD Products


Brand Partnerships – 6 Available in 2018

Custom brand partnerships. Current partners include: AMD Supply LLC, US National Movers. Contact to learn more.

Custom Campaigns
$10,000+ for a three-month campaign

Activate our audience with a combination of custom content, social influencer marketing, giveaways, exclusive events, paid social and more. Custom Campaigns are available for three-month periods with an option to renew. Recent clients include AMD Supply LLC. Contact to learn more.

Job Postings – 

West Palm Beach companies use the Clematis Street “job board” to recruit the top talented minds in South Florida and throughout the United States. Job postings are featured in our daily morning social media updates and throughout the site. Postings are live for 90 days. Contact to learn more.

Featured Events – View Here | Buy Here
$300/event posting

Event postings are featured in our daily morning newsletter and throughout the site. Posts are live for 7 days. Contact to learn more.

Homes/Apartments – View Here | Buy Here

Home and apartment postings are featured in our daily morning newsletter and throughout the site. Posts are live for 14 days. Contact to learn more.