Our Mission

We understand that tourism helps drive the local Florida economy and our mission is to offer our online visitors a selection of hand-picked destinations in downtown West Palm Beach and the surrounding Palm Beaches to enjoy offline!

How We Got Here

We’ve seen Clematis Street grow up a lot since the 90s. In high school, we’d head to Flagpole Beach to have some fun in the sun. On our way home, we’d occasionally stop on Clematis and check out the retail stores.

When we turned 18, we’d hit downtown and visit all the nightclubs before they changed the entry age to 21. On our college breaks from FSU (Go Noles!), we’d always stop by downtown WPB to check out how much it’s changed and of course, visit our favorite Clematis nightclubs of the past like Bliss, Tantra, Hotel, Monkey Club, and Liquid.

With the addition of CityPlace and new condo construction in the 2000s, the downtown area grew tremendously over the years. In 2008, we started to use Facebook  to help market businesses and  events at a club called Monarchy, now The Loft.

It’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two in the digital marketing space over the last ten years.

Today, we continue to reach tens of 1000s of local South Florida residents through our presence on Facebook and organically on for our tourism website for Clematis St.

West Palm Beach has certainly grown up over the last 25 years. Keeping with Henry Flagler’s vision of a Florida railway, the new GoBrightline Train Station adds excitement to an already growing downtown.

With more downtown construction and a resurgence at CityPlace with the Culture Lab, it’s safe to say that the next 25 years of West Palm’s growth will be amazing!

Our Team

Marketing Professional with “15+ years” of in the trenches, hands on experience. Worked with Fortune 500 firms and local businesses to increase revenue, lower acquisition costs, & develop long term enterprise value through digital marketing. SEMA “35 under 35” and Leadership WPB C/O 2013.
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Veteran Developer with “20+ years” in pushing the boundaries of new technology while developing easy to use frameworks. Worked with HIPAA, PCI & Government agencies to deliver security, structure, stability and longevity of platforms. Ethical hacker.
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