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Did you know that there is a powder coating classification called, “Florida Powder Coating”. Although it is not a standard, the reason why is because of Florida’s extreme weather and annual hurricane season; the sunshine state is known for having some of the best quality controls when it comes to powder coating.

For many years, powder coatings have been the best solution for keeping your architectural surfaces lasting longer, shining brighter and an overall lower cost in comparison to painting.

As the one of the most environmentally friendly coating options available, contractors and construction companies are turning to Patriot Powder Coating for coating of hand railings, fencing, window frames, doors, garages, balconies, patio furniture; pretty much any building materials for residential and commercial real estate buildings.

Largest Powder Coating Oven

Home to South Florida’s “Biggest” powder coating ovens at “10 Ft. wide x 12 Ft. height x 45 Ft. in length” in Hialeah, FL 33012; Patriot Powder Coating also has the largest inventories of powder coating colors with 10000s color combo ranging from candy colors to RAL standards for government and military projects.


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