The Cultural Event of the Year

Blockworks is hosting the world’s largest DeFi conference at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in downtown West Palm Beach, FL from May 17th to 19th, 2022. Permissionless will feature over 3,000 registrants from around the world who are passionate about DeFi, Blockchain technology, and NFTs. The two day conference will host a who’s who within the DeFi industry but also feature exhibits, panels, hands-on sessions, debates, discussions revolving around DeFi, and the current state of what’s going on in the blockchain cryptocurrency world. Samuel Armes (Founder of Florida Blockchain Business Association) mentions that Palm Beach County is a growing area just north of Miami that could help define Florida as one of the best states in the USA for blockchain companies.

Permissionless Speakers Include:

  • Chris Dixon – Andreessen Horowitz

  • Nur Chang – BitGo

  • Rachel Mayer – Circle

  • Eric Parker – Giddy

  • Christine Moy – Apollo

  • Andy Chorlian – Fractional

  • Katherine Wu – Archtype

  • Santiago Roel Santos – Web3 Investor

  • Anne Favre-Wollis – OpenSea

  • Kevin Owocki –

What is DeFi?

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi is the fast track alternative to displacing traditional (TradFi) finance aka legacy services that aren’t adapting quick enough to the smartphone revolution. With a smartphone and an Internet connection, anyone can be included into the financial services world. Access to banking, savings, loans, trading, and more is what this technology is helping to bring to the masses and helping to break down financial barriers by making “banking” accessible to all but also helping to reduce fees and “making transactions faster“on the Ethereum network.

What’s Happening Nearby the Convention Center?

The Permissionless event will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center which is located just south of the Square (aka CityPlace) and Clematis Street. Event goers will be able to enjoy the different retail shops that the Square offers as well as countless restaurants and bars on Clematis Street. For super high end shopping, Worth Avenue is just across the bridge in Palm Beach via Uber or Lyft. Don’t forget about the world famous “Taco Tuesday” at Banko Cantina or Rocco’s Tacos.

On Wednesday, Permissionless will be hosting their “Clematis Bar Crawl” with stops at Rocco’s Tacos, Clematis Social, Roxy’s Pub, and Batch. Thursday the afterparty for Permissionless will be held on the waterfront coinciding with Clematis by Night featuring EDM artists, “3Lau w/ PLS&TY & Amicaz”.

Brightline From Miami or Fort Lauderdale

Getting to Permissionless from Miami or Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have to be a hassle when riding the Brightline Train to West Palm Beach. You can easily take the Brightline Train from downtown Miami to West Palm Beach in around 60 minutes or from downtown Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach in about 30 minutes. From the Brightline station in West Palm Beach, you can walk, take an Uber, call the Circuit, or ride the trolly all within a short distance to the Palm Beach County Convention Center.


650 Okeechobee Blvd,
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Conference Dates
May 17 – 19, 2022

Permissionless Socials

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Mooch, a new budget mobile wallet app to save money and budgeting for personal finance
Snarky Sharkz, an NFT Charity for Ocean Conservation