Culture Lab CityPlace

If you are a frequent visitor to CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach, you’ve might of noticed that the Macy’s retail store has been replaced with a splash of color.  Macy’s retail stores have been slowly closing nationwide and the CityPlace Macy’s was no exception.
What has replaced the former Macy’s retail store is a block full of color with a “bright” fun exterior housing inside an 110,000 square feet cultural arts center called the, “Culture Lab“.
The gigantic space (110,000 square feet) will transform the downtown retail space into an experiential creative space that attracts not just local residents but tourists down to CityPlace to view and enjoy the free art installations.
Located just a few minute walk from Brightline’s West Palm Beach train station, the added foot traffic will be much needed relief to other CityPlace tenants and the surrounding Clematis Street downtown area.

Think Wynwood but Culture Lab at CityPlace

The CultureLab WPB is located at the intersection of Rosemary Ave. and Hibiscus St., located right in the heart of CityPlace in downtown WPB. The new cultural arts center is part of a an arts revival that will attract not just locals but tourists and in Florida residents to the downtown West Palm Beach area.

In the future, the Culture Lab will not just only house a cultural arts center but also offer educational programs and activate frequent art culture installments.

The Culture Lab will transform City Place by adding new modern elements that are seen in pedestrian friendly cities.  Visitors will also be able to walk up to culinary “take out” windows, order their food and enjoy it in the soon to be constructed parklet seating.


575 South Rosemary
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Inside of CityPlace

Phone Number

Hours of Operation

Sunday 11am – 6pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 11am – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm

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The inside of the former Macy’s store has been emptied on both the first and 2nd floors.

A quick registration at the entrance of the Culture Lab and a short walk towards the escalators just reminds you in the back of your mind how vast and big a 100,000 sq. foot retail building really is.

Once off the 2nd floor escalators, you’ll be greeted by a one of a kind art sound installation from artist Stephen Vitiello.

Although the building feels very desolate and “lonely”, the artist has used those
elements to build upon the #YouAreTheMagic art installation at Culture Lab.

Stephen Vitiello’s installation at Culture Lab is a multi sensory
art experience that is broken into 4 artwork features:
  • “You Are The Magic”
  • “Only Traces Remain”
  • “Find Your Way”
  • “Soundtrack for the Luggage Chapel”


“Sir” Michael Craig Martin is an Irish British artist that designed the art installation that makes up the exterior of the Culture Lab. You can’t miss it – It’s bright and loud!

The 76 year old Dublin born conceptual artist has vastly celebrated in his artwork the production of mass goods that we use in our everyday, ordinary lives.

Michael Craig Martin is known for his distinctive art style that blends a saturation of colours through vibrant and bold outlines that best represents our complex relationship with everyday consumer goods and the world we use them in.
Palm Beach Parade is Sir Craig-Martin’s largest installation ever and his first in the United States that takes over twenty four bays and covers the exterior of the former Macy’s at CityPlace. It’s HUGE and BRIGHT.