As house music echoed through the buildings of a Downtown Miami music festival put on by Club Space, DJ Marco Paez discovered his passion, and his future. He spent the next few years honing his craft at various events in Tallahassee, Fl while attending Florida State University and dropping out by his 2nd year as electronic music was his thing.

It was in Tallahassee where DJ Marco Paez discovered the art of storytelling through the records of other producers at area clubs, underground warehouse parties and of course the infamous “secret lake” deep in some of the area’s national park forests (No trees were harmed).

The college years at FSU were some of the most magical times for DJ Marco Paez. As he travelled throughout the United States, he attended various electronic dance music festivals, underground warehouse events, and club nights absorbing & learning all he could from the world’s top DJs in these unique, one of a kind settings.

The biggest highlight of all those random trips included convincing Pam, his girlfriend at the time, to ride with him 1,500 miles across the country so they could break into a festival in Hollywood, CA featuring Paul Oakenfold, Deep Dish, and BT. Those were some of the biggest influences as an artist for DJ Marco Paez that would shape the next 10 years.


After the waters settled in 2007, Marco returned to his hometown of West Palm Beach and picked up residencies at the Underground, as well as top area destination Hotel Nightclub with Josh Sagman and Deshon Allen. Hotel at the time was the pinnacle of all nightlife in the Palm Beaches. Bottle service, properly dressed patrons, and amazing vibes. It really was a great addition to CityPlace as the nightclub would attract patrons to hit downtown early and dine before their night out at Hotel.

If you are ever on Narcissus Ave heading south, you might see a small staircase that goes down the stairs. Those stairs once led to a small and intimate club called, “The Underground”.

It was a place where house music lovers could come and enjoy a night out without having to worry about listening to Top 40 or be around a pretentious crowd.

That “Underground” scene produced a lot of great house music DJs and producers that went on to do their own things respectively such as German Garcia, RiotGear (Bobby Basset / Andy Pate), Jeremy Ismael, Jason Brown, Shayne Pilpel, Christopher James, Mark Starr + Dan Cella, and many others!

It’s hard to believe it but West Palm Beach really did have an amazing house music scene for many years – it was a very close knit group of like minded individuals.


Soon after Monarchy Nightclub opened up, it took the reign from Hotel as the area’s top club bringing in top 100 house music DJs week after week. It was at Monarchy under the direction of Paul Brown where DJ Marco Paez got to play alongside many greats who he had previously gone to see touring throughout the states when he attended FSU.

It was here where he and his partner at Palm Beach House (Lenny Mauricio) began putting together a live house music act with area musicians to create something different.

That something different…. was something the local scene had never seen before.  Live House Music that were branded shows called Palm Beach House “LIVE”.

Some of these local musicians have gone on to make a name for themselves. You might have heard of these talented artists that go by the names of Timothee Lovelock  and Marck Morgan.

You might catch Marck on Palm Beach Island or at the Hilton Saturday Pool Parties playing his cool sax or hear the sounds of Lovelock’s violin at local charity events.

Palm Beach House “Live” was able to transform a regular night out into one that used live instruments (violin, saxophone, live vocals, percussionist) and lighting that really brought a new dimension to going out on a Friday Night on Clematis Street!

2014 – Current

After being bitten by a tick in the highlands of Ecuador and not properly diagnosing his condition, DJ Marco Paez found out that he was infected with Lyme Disease in 2014. He has been able to recover fully and is currently still putting together all of his experiences into his original productions that blend current elements of deep and tech house sounds with the progressive flow and emotional landscape of the late 90s and early 2000s.

You can listen to Marco’s music below:

526 Clematis St
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